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Our Specialty:
Rotary Swaging

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Swaging Capacities:
Swaging capacity
from 1/6” up to 2.75” O.D.

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What Scepko Tube Swaging can do for you.

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  • Strut Bullet Nose
  • Coupling Flared and Tapered
  • Tube Flared and Flattened
  • Flared Tube
  • Multiple Swaged Pushrod
  • PushRod Swaged End with Clevis out
  • PushRod Swaged End with Clevis inserted
1 Strut Bullet Nose2 Coupling Flared and Tapered3 Tube Flared and Flattened4 Flared Tube5 Multiple Swaged Pushrod6 PushRod Swaged End with Clevis out7 PushRod Swaged End with Clevis inserted8

Our Clients - We Value Most

Scepko Tube swaging is a small manufacturing shop which allows flexibility to work with each client. This allows you to order from one to thousands of pieces and anything in between. All of our tooling is produced in house which insures the best in quality for all we manufacture.

Rotary swaging provides a better quality product, with significant material savings. Achievable tolerances are extremely low and final machining, in most cases, is not required.

To Our Clients:
"Whether you need swaging for broken/bent tent or canopy poles, bikes, planes, autos, chair or table legs, medical tubing, pen inserts, or anything that requires a tapered tube; just give us a call, or email for a quote."




157 E. 163rd St Gardena, CA 90248

Contact Info:
Jan Scepko
Phone: (310) 327-5602


Scepko Tube Swaging works with the following metals & Alloys:

  • Stainless
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Copper
  • Brass

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